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turned into a nightmare when a woman died while snorkeling. >> carol olson organized the cruise. mr. robinson has the story. -- lisa robinson has the story. >> we could always go to her when we wanted something. she organized our anniversary celebration. >> the pastor in a rise 10 said she has known carol olson for 30 years. he said she was known as the chief organizer of the church. the women organized the trip, a carnival cruise to the bahamas. >> we had about 10 people from our congregation. it was something a group of people got together and said it would be fun to travel together. >> it took a tragic turn when carroll died while snorkeling. another passenger e-mailed and raised several concerns about what happened to carol olson. they said it was not labeled accurately. and on my check showed the trip was labeled as moderate tivoli. if required intermittent level. the pastor does not know the details but does not carroll was not new to starkly. " she has had experience and i would expect her to do something like that. they were going to kayak and something happened and the trip
scott olson. he started the season in the minors which he said put a big chip on his shoulder. he was pitching angry. ang i have good if you're olson. he blanks the braves for seven plus innings to night helping the nationals to yet another victory. olson just dealing. no score in the second inning. he is facing david ross. david ross does not have a chance on that one. strike from out to end the inning. eight strikeouts in the game. bobby cox said when is he going to get good again? he is killing us. pudge rodriguez, pure as this one. his first home run of the season. into the bull pen. he also hit .403. nationals take a 1-0 lead. nats up 2-0. david ross, not going down this time. breaks up the no-hitter with a shot past desmond. olson, as you can see, very aware of what just happened. his biggest mistake tonight, though, to the young rookie, jason hayward. pinch-hitting. later in the eighth. gets the base hit to left. one run comes in to score. and cabrera slides home. tyler clipper just serves it up for these guys. olson, he knows that he's not going to get the win now. so the
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she tried to help carol olson. she says the water current that day was too rough and that the crew seemed unprepared. she says she tried to help save olson but when she was eventually brought back to the boat it was too late. >> it's an accident that should never have happened. and if it had been -- if the excursion had been done properly it would not have happened. >> reporter: carnival says it's suspended that snorkeling excursion for now and a memorial service for olson will be held at the trinity lutheran church in reisterstown 3:00 saturday afternoon. >>> good-looking day of weather across maryland. humidity levels plummeted today so it was drier. also lots of sunshine. not bad. for early may. across maryland now, visible satellite imagery showing just a couple of high thin clouds, not much, really just a quiet evening in progress here weatherwise. look at the humidity levels. 29% relative humidity now in baltimore. that is a big decrease in the amount of steam in the air. 32% relative humidity out toward frederick. rest of the evening dropping in the 70s. a nice night to head
-0 home team. but the story of the night was scott olson, the tall lefty. took a no no into the 8th and gets matt diaz for third time looking. but the very next batter was david ross. theirs, not ours. there goes the no no. still a great outing for olson. two hit, one walk. his scoreless inning streak halted at a career high 20. standing o from the crowd. bottom 9, willy harris, bases juiced. that's your ballgame. nats win 3-2. they take to of three from the braves and afterwards olson signifies victory talked about the defense behind it. >> our defense has been something that's very improved over the off-season and it shows. you know, after the hit i told them, hey, man, we have two more outs. going to get a ground ball right here. unfortunately it didn't work out for us but we came through in the bottom of the 9 and pulled this one out. >> our floor director just agreed that is a goofy look [ inaudible ] birds shut out the twins 2-0. hey, or equals have won six of the last 11. >>> lawrence taylor has been arraigned on rape and prostitution charges in an assault on a 16-year-old ru
desmond for the inning ending double play. bottom of the 6th, died 1-1. a very strong outing for olson. just one earned run in six and two-thirds inning. bol of the 8, same score and same player. two men on. send as fly ball to deep left. seth smith tags up to score the game-winning run. all runs scored on sack flies. the nationals are edged by the rockies 2-1 dropping their third in a row. they begin a two-game series tomorrow night in st. louis. the nationals have called up reliever drew soren from aaa syracuse and designated brian brooney for assignment. this year with seer sues soren pitched 16 innings posting an impressive 1.12 era. here's jim wriggleman on how he plans to use this 22-year-old. >> probably wouldn't use him in real long stints but, you know, an inning, sometimes an inning plus. you know, it will kind of find itself as to where his innings will be. >> cleveland and baltimore each sunday a youngster gets to steal second base at camden yards. she struggles a little bit. finally pulls it out and takes off running. wait a minute. time for the curtain call. adam jones go
something horrible happened. carol olson died during a current during snorkeling. >> everybody on the ship was talk about the accident, it was a sad situation. >> reporter: carnival cruise line released this statement. the snokling tour has been suspended until further notice. >> she came to this church when i was here as a student pastor. >> reporter: carol olson was a member of trinity lutheran church for 13 years. >> she was the go to person when we needed something organized. and she was just a master at that. >> reporter: the pastor says grief isn't always easy to deal with. sometimes you simply have to let it be difficult. but at the funeral service, it won't all be tears, in fact, there'll be a great deal of joy. recounting the life of a wife, a mother and a dedicated member of this church congregation. >> grief is a funny thing. it's not all sadness, part of it is joy and the joy is the memories. we found ourselves crying and laughing today at some of the things as we talked about her and remembering her. >> reporter: the pastor says there were no illnesses that she knew about, and
. >> reporter: living one county over, he never knew carroll olson in life but on the same crews, the same snorkeling excursion. she did her level best? i tried to talk to her through the negotiating el. i had ahold of her with my right arm so together we were doing this and i said "kick your feet from." >> she screamed for help toward the boat but no one could here. a man and his son eventually came to help but it was too late for olson, she already took in too much water and was later pronounced dead. dontrelle wasn't too far behind but was saved just in time. she said the current was too swift that day pointing to this shaky under water footage she tried to shoot, an excursion, she says, was not prepared and should never have left shore. >> there was no supervision, no one out in the water with us, all the crew members were on the boat. so there was no one herding you back in if you got too far out. >> or right there to help anyone if they got in trouble. inexcusable dontrelle says as she believes this subcontracted company from carnival cruises cost one life and nearly took her own. >>
league draft. >>> this afternoon, a pitching duel between the nationals and rockies. starters got olson pitching late, 2-0 last four starts. bottom one with, nats lead 1-0. olson facing brad haupe. inning-h inning-ending double play. francis, who hadn't pitched in a big league game in a year, dealing. francis seven strong, struck out six, only allowed one run. in the sixth, game tied at one with. olson working, full count, haupe ends the inning, 6 2/3rds, struck out three. bottom of eight, knotted at one, this time, first and out, fly to left, deep enough for seth smith to score. nates fall 2-1. after the game, they had had to say about how to use the 22-year-old reliever. >> anywhere from that sixth inning through the eighth, anywhere in there with where we need him, based on the availability of himself, the ability of everybody leading up to the ninth. use them all as needed. probably wouldn't use him in real long stints but an inning -- sometimes an inning-plus, but it will kind of find itself as to where his innings will be. >> drew storm promoted to the big club. >>> capitals will
tough after we got in. >> reporter: living one county over barbara never knew carol olson in life but on the same cruise, the same snorkeling excursion in the bahamas she did her level best to prevent her death. >> i tried to talk to her through the snorkel. i said take your right arm and make like you're swimming. i held her with my right arm. i said and kick your feet. >> reporter: dontell screamed for help toward the boat but no one could hear. a man and his son eventually came to help but too late foreolson, she already took in too much water, later pronounced dead. do fl tell was not too far behind but was saved in time. she says the water current was too swift that day, pointing to the shaky underwater footage she tried to shoot. >> there was no supervision, no one in the water with us. all the crew members on the boat. there was no one herding you back in if you got too far out. >> reporter: or right there to help anyone if they got in trouble. inexcusable dontell says as she believes this subcontracted company from carnival cruises cost one life and nearly took her own. >>
. >> reporter: mark olson says the agency has identified the trouble spots. he says disorderly conduct ?ens are high at -- incidents are high at several sites. >> we deploy strategyally when we know we're going to have these type of activities. i.e., the school year and now emily as the weather gets nicer. >> reporter: officers, some of them undercover, fan out looking to stop trouble before it starts. and deputy chief olson said it's working. he says in the last two years the calls for disorderly conduct have dropped 3% and the number of more violent attacks has also fallen. >> we do have them, but it's very infrequent. >> reporter: he says metro police operate on a zero tolerance policy. >> they could be arrested. they could be escorted out of the system and have their parents called. >> reporter: riders are encouraged to alert metro police immediately of problems. police want the train number so officers can be deployed. but some riders like christopher say it isn't enough. >> i think it's not working and i think that they know that. but it's also hard for them to be on every train. >> r
border there -- a different story for washington starter scott olson. the ravens always bring football back to m&t bank stadium once august rolls around. for a second year in the role, the ravens have stadium authority and have teamed up to bring football backed earlier. they will host another international match between manchester city and entered milan will take place on july 31. organizers hope another success will position baltimore as a potential venue. most fans do not get terribly excited about the middle rounds, but the more you see the players the ravens got this year in the middle rounds, the more you get excited about this year's draft. that is number 88, dixon wears no. 80. a, zero at tight in will give defense a lot more to account for at that position than just todd heap. karen has the benefit of breaking in, knowing the value of todd heap. >> i played in the all-star game. the little technique things will come in handy for you and you just learn from the coaches and the great players around you. constant learning. >> after securing the no. 2 pick in the upcoming nba draf
dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the washington nationals, welcoming the orioles to town. scott olson was roughed up last night. he will miss his next scheduled start, which was supposed to be thursday. also leaving early experiencing tightness is in his left shoulder. mri said no structural damage. >>> right now, washington down 2-0. this changes that. the bomb to left, man on, we are tied. watch what happens to morgan. to the wall, reaches up, the ball bounces off his glove. he thinks it bounced off his glove and he throws it in disgust. inside the park two-run home run. the nationals have moved in front, 7-6. >>> the maryland terrapins trying to make their way through the lacrosse bracket, taking on notre dame. around the net, he scores. notre dame bought 5-3. it was 7-4 irish in the fourth. on the doorstep. he makes account for maryland, but there was no come back today. -- he makes it count, for maryland, there was no come back today. notre dame advances. >>> the maryland women's lacrosse team advances. they won their game 15-10 over pennsylvania. >>> the university of virginia,
a drowning. 71-year-old carol olson drowned last week. she had been on board the carnival pride which sailed last month from ball. passengers took turns giving her 4pzñ >> good morning. my name is jose. i hope you are wearing a name tag so we can refer to each other by our first name. >> training unemployed individuals the best ways to find jobs in the skills and need to develop and work on to find the work they are really looking for. >> what is the value of this bill? it is a $20 bill, right? a lot of them are angry from loosing their job. what is the value now? still $20. what i want to tell you is this bill is you. you are not devalued. you are still the same person with the same values and the same dedication to your job with the same sense of, i want to do the right thing. what happens if the range is $40,000-$80,000. think of which part of the range your resume can support. if people don't know you are out of a job can they help you. >> fulfilling doesn't begin to describe a job. the reason they saw a smile and the reason they interject my personalty is because it is not just a job.
morning. the national speed atlanta three-two. the one their fifth series of the year. scott olson had a no-hitter, going for seven in the third inning. he was throwing darts. he was hitting his thoughts, playing with confidence. he had seven strikeouts, one walk, no runs. they're loving it at a park. then comes david in the eighth period to lead field, a single. that started the rally. scott olson was removed. two out and the bases loaded, jason heywood with a single parent to the game was tied. then in the bottom of the last, bases loaded, woody harris takes his pitch to right, walk of single, nationals be to the braves and their assyria's. -- they win the series. have a great day, everybody. >> great to see that. 60 degrees in rosslyn. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour, we have an important food recall. we will tell you what you need to know before you buy another head of lettuce. >> we are closely tracking developments in the gulf of mexico as the crews installed special contraption over the oilwell. >> we are live in the weather center, where it loo
of the 1st, nats lead 1- 0. scott olson delivers to brad hop. the grounder to alberto gonzalez to eeon desmond. on to mark morris. it ends the inning with a double play. bottom of the 6th, tied 1-1. a strong outing for olson. one earned run in six and two third innings. bottom of the 8, still tied 1- 1. facing tyler clipper. they fly to deep left. it allows seth smith to tag and score the game-winning run. all runs scored on sack flies. washington has lost three in a row first time this season. they begin a to-game series tomorrow night in st. louis. meanwhile cleveland and baltimore. each sunday a youngster gets to steal second base at camden yards. finally get it is out and takes off running. then celebrates. curtain call. nice girl. top of the 5th, orioles trail 1- 0. mark hendricksson facing laporta. orioles fall to the indians. cleveland takes two of three in the series. >>> the last two nba finals representatives from the eastern conference have been the magic and the celtics. that will be the case again this year but which one? today game one to find out. 3rd quarter celtics in
's not stopping seniors at george mason university from hunting for opportunities. and, as anna olson reports, some are surprised by what they're finding. >> reporter: for the class of 2010 at george mason university, it's a time to celebrate achievements and to test the waters of the job market. >> i originally had the idealistic dream of being a foreign correspondent, traveling around the world and writing about everything, getting paid to interview strange and wonderful people. that's not happening. >> reporter: senior rachael dickson may not be traveling the globe, but she's already landed a job editing local news web sites. she says she adapted her skills to meet the needs of news organizations going digital. >> i always knew it would be hard and i was a little scared, but i tried to prepare for it the best way i could. >> reporter: prospects for her classmates at george mason are also looking up. employers posted 70% more job openings on the college's employment database than they did last year. a study by the national association of colleges and employers affirms hiring is on the rise.
scotty olson's future is uncertain. at the ncaa men lacrosse championship. all that coming up next in sports. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. we're not playing helicopter now. ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. >>> some weak spots in the nats team. >> that has been a great story early, but starting to fall off now. >> and now the true colors start coming out. the difference between the battle of the beltways is raiser thin. baltimore wins last night. that began in '06. rough patch city for the nats who have now lost 6 of 8 and have been below .500 for the first time since tax day. on south capital, extended high lights tonight, bu
-old carroll olson drowned while snorkeling off the bahamas last week. waves and strong currents swept swimmers from the tour boat that gave olson cpr for 90 minutes but she did not respond. >>> no bail for a harford county man accused of assaulting an off duty police officer. prosecutors say it's a hate crime. the suspect's family is calling itself defense. >> anita sullivan says her 20-year-old james kimble is not a racist. >> wrong image all the way around. it's just because it's an officer it's being blown out of proportion. >> reporter: harford county police charged kimble with a hate crime thursday morning after he allegedly struck an off duty baltimore detective with a glass beer mug in the left eye. >> we're really praying for his recovery, we're saddened and troubled by this incident. >> reporter: prosecutors say police received a distress call around 2:30 a.m. thursday morning in the 100 block of haverhill road. officers say kimble and friends were drinking while mourning the death of a friend. the officer who lives in the neighborhood was headed home. both kimble's famil
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of control but the plane still had to land. several celebrities were on board, including actress ashley olson. >>> tonight the white house announced that the president will form a presidential commission to investigate the gulf oil spill. new concerns the huge oil slick may make its way up the east coast. >> reporter: bp is using a mile-long tube to assisten about 40 thousand gallons of oil a day from the well. that's about one-fifth of what the company says is leaking every day. >> if we could get as much as half or more of the total flow, so if we could actually see this recovering say in excess of 2,000 barrels a day, we would be extraordinarily pleased. >> reporter: but billions of gallons of oil are already under water. now there's growing concern the oil is reached the major ocean current that could carry it to the florida keys and up the east coast. the crude is washing up sporadically on the gulf coast and taking a toll on wildlife. fisherman lee mcclain ground this gannet nearly dead. >> i'm swimming next to the rig and he should have movedened he didn't. >> reporter: the bird at the
with lower back pain and also the nats put left-handed pitcher scott olson on the 15-day disabled list because of left shoulder tightness. >>> turning now to college lacrosse. after the death of virginia senior yeardley love, cavaliers' coach julie myers said the best therapy for her team was to keep playing. today tires in virginia in north carolina hoping to continue their run in the ncaa tournament. cavs taking on the tar heels in the quarterfinals playing in honor of their late teammate yeardley love, who was murdered earlier this month. virginia down 2-0 early until charlie finnegan scores but it was all tar heels after that. north carolina scored 11 goals in the first half. north carolina goes onto win it 17-7. ending virginia's win in the ncaa tournament. plenty of emotions. cavs' head coach julie myers so proud of her team after all they've been through. >> and i think to the end of this season been all that we've been through, you guys have been with us so much, makes it especially hard. i am completely impressed and proud of my team. i'm so proud of their families. i'm so gra
at the ballpark, orioles-nationals, a good crowd, entertaining game. downtown, scott olson got rocked in the top of the second. muscles the pitch to deep right center, two-run shot. the birds flying high early. bottom of the seventh, the nationals coming to life. willie harris, it throws the ball, right field, upper deck, frozen rope, the nationals down by just one. top of that age, the birds with the insurance run. corey patterson up the middle, that scores the runner. 5-3 orioles, and that is the final. the birds get the first round. they play again tomorrow. >>> the nba combined in chicago, college players before the draft. the wizard staff is there and all eyes are focused on john wall. how about this, john wall showing off with the shots, shadow defense, and evan turner said he is not ready to concede the top pick yet. >> it depends on what they're trying to do with gilbert arenas and what they need or don't need. three years from now, the pick doesn't really matter. >>> the washington mystics of hustling to the victory against new york tonight. this is many career with the steel and transi
night's near no hitter authored by scott sol olson. this is a guy that is nontenders himself by the nats over the winter and released because he was coming off of shoulder surgery. he was resigned on the cheap. >> it seems he is so driven and focused. every pitch looks like it's the only pitch. there hadn't been a pitch before. that there is not one after that. it is this pitch. >> go through a lineup like that and it is a good day. >> the star of the game wears a silver elvis wig now days. >>> finally it is one thing to be hit by a pitch and another thing to be hit by the same pitch twice. check the replay on this one. that is zach throwing at lewis. it hits him in the foot and head. knocks his helmet off. in the foot and then the head. do you get two bases for that because he has a headache and food ache at the same time. hang with it. foot,. >> that is more than one guy should have to deal with. >> poor guy. >> hey, real quick. >> windy tomorrow, dry but cool for mom. get a sweater for mom. >> i know the folks who are graduating at howard are hearing they will be okay, too. >> send in
this afternoon, scott olson was very sharp today. he allowed just one run. game tied at 1-1. top of the ninth, rockies gone ahead on the sac fly. last chance for washington. dunn grounds out. nats get swept in colorado. 2-1. dan snyder says his year is a very different year, but he is really enjoying what is going on with his team. >> it feels different. it's been a couple years for us. we had two rough years, and this feels really like we are going to the right direction and real excited about it. these guys are incredible. really fun to work with. >> nba eastern conference championship game. celtics and magic. boston was in control all of the way until late in the fourth quarter. but the celtics were too solid. ray allen hitting a three. orlando made a run to keep it close in the final minute. but they lose to boston 92-88. to the track, and kyle busch takes the checkered flag to take the victory. finally, a huge blow to the upcoming belmont stakes. the trainer for preakness winner looking at lucky says his colt will not run in the final race of the triple crown, the belmont, this news on t
to the rotation against olson. game time is 7:035. roberts has now contracted pneumonia. he was hospitalized yesterday. though not believed to be serious it will delay his rehab a few more days, you can add the word disgraced in front of the name of cyclist landis. he's admitted what many believed for a long time that he was in fact guilty of doping. not really much new there but he's implicated lance armstrong who doped with him and in fact taught him and others how to beat the system. . >>> tomorrow on good morning maryland, six couples stopped their lives to start brand new ones here in the extreme brick over couples challenge. we'll talk about how they did it. we'll talk about that and much more tomorrow on good morning maryland. [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on deman
. >>> we start with injury news. scott olson will miss his next start because of inflammation in his pitching shoulder. he left early last night with tightness in his shoulder but the mri showed no structural damage. this injury not connected to his shoulder problems that he had last year that forced him to undergo season-ending surgery. on the field this afternoon, that nats get down early but josh willingham is a hero. a good piece of hitting. a man on and crushing one to the left. a two-run homer for the hammer. game tied at two and the third inning. we move to the top of the fourth, still 2-2. adam jones is at the plate with a runner on. it drives the pitch deep to center. check out nyjer morgan. he can't make the catch and then he throws his glove to the ground. one run scores and he forgets about the play and willingham comes over to help out while adam gets around the base so it was an inside-the-park home run for jones. let's go back to the play. what do you think about this, craig? >> he's lost his mind. >> that's a temper tantrum. >> kids, don't do that at home. >> do not d
in at the capitolled food bank. they are brave tonight. olson shooting out there. 13 straight shooting areas with tim hudson. meanwhile, phase two begins tomorrow going through aa like alex hainesworth. making his debut tomorrow against the braves. assuming that everything goes as planned, the number one picks should be with the big pick by june. in the meantime, remaining the most scrutinized minor leaguer on earth. and the he is just fine with. that >> and especially when you grow up as a kid playing baseball. i have been blessed to have the baseball career that i have so far and hopefully i could carry on the same way professionally. >> they would rather still be playing. but just the same honors for them and the capitols. named one of the three finalists for the general manager of the year award in nhl. and alex named the finalist for the lindsey award, which is the most outstanding player as voted by your peers. and an award that they have won the last two years. >>> so was it just the minor hiccup? or was tiger's missed cut last week at quail hollow a sign of something in the missed of the come
and he is batting 5th against washington starter scott olson. he's emerged as one of the nat's top hitters unbeaten in the last five starts. the opposite is true of david hernandez who has yet to hearne a victory this season and could be a candidate tore demotion if he continues. and he's facing a washington team that is better than the o's. the nats play the best at home. they have won 12 of 21 games there. game time is 7:05. see the o's and nats on masn hd. >>> when it comes to coaches, the nba is into recycling. the 76ers have hired doug collins. thiss the fourth -- this is the fourth team he has coached. >>> brian vickers will miss the rest of the season for nascar. he is suffering from blood clots in his legs and lungs which requires blood thinning. casey mears will take his place. >>> the terps are the top seed in the tourney and take on penn in college park tomorrow. a win puts the ladies one step closer to a possible championship. >> it's getting so close. i think that's the hard part, trying not to look too far ahead because every team in this tournament is so good and has
- game set. the braves will send hudson against the nats scott olson. 9 innings insufficient to settle the issue last note. bottom 2, ian desmond showing his pop. it ties the game at 2. but we go the extra inning. tied at 6. and matt die as goes the other way. brandon hicks will score. the nats drop one in 10 innings to the braves 12 and 6. but they're playing well. isn't that right, adam dunn? >> i think we're going to get better. but i think we have some guys aren't playing as well as we're capable of playing and yet we're still managing to be around 500. so hopefully the pitching will be where it's going to be, there is no telling what's going to happen. >> very true. they are playing great. >>> last night, a first for d.c. united. danny al stop becomes the first australian to score in history. he liked it so much. he did it again. d.c. united gets in the win column for the first time i games. >>> and do you think that's a gator or a crocodile? >> a gator. >> but there is also a tiger looking. woods on the par 3, just a pitching wedge, and safe. whoa. he's 3 under parr for 17 and th
matchup for the betway battle. olson coming off a seven inning one run performance taking on hernandez for the birds. >>> no news from the nfl today as they continue to investigate moss and his alleged involvement in that hgh scandal that broke on wednesday. the redskins receiver stands accused of receiving the illegal performance-enhancing drug from that canadian doctor. if that turns our to be true, and moss gets suspended, could that reopen the door for terrell owens to join the redskins? nfl investigators find that moss did use the drug he and his 70 catches are almost certain to be suspended for four games this season which makes t.o., who's still a free agent a logical fit to fill that void. team mcnabb has reportedly mended their fences and while bruce allen said a few weeks ago he is not pursuing owens perhaps the moss developments changed his mind. as for mcnabb, he said the first week of ot a's were productive ones. he continues to adjust to his new team and surroundings and for those that expect him to have growing pains after 11 years in another system, what growing pains.
the scene of the bombing attempt. >>> a sad end to a local church group's caribbean vacation. carol olson was on a carnival cruise with several members of the trinity lutheran church in reisterstown. >> grief is a funny thing. we found ourselves crying and laughing today at some of the things, as we talked about her and remembering her. >> carol olson's viewing will be this friday in owings mills. her funeral will take place 3:00 p.m. saturday at trinity lutheran church in reisterstown. >>> a 22-year-old college student weeks away from congratulations is dead this morning. her boyfriend behind bars. wjz and andrea fujii live where the woman went to high school. >> reporter: yeardley love spent her entire high school career here at notre dame pratt, but her life was cut short in virginia by her former boyfriend, a native of chevy chase. 22-year-old yeardley love was found dead near the university of virginia in charlottesville. police have arrested and filed murder charges against her former boyfriend, chevy chase native, george huguely. like yeardley, what he a senior at uva. >> that shoc
. the nats were so unsure about scott olson and his surgically repaired should they are season they cut him when nobody picked him up the nats resigned him on the cheap hoping to get something out of the 26-year- old and they have gotten way more than something. olson riding a streak of 13 scoreless innings coming in and he was at it again. struck out eight. had a no hitter in to the 8th inning. he got the offensive backup from rodriguez and adam dunn, each with solo shots. that brought the nats to a 2-0 lead. we go to the 8th. sol son five outs away from the first no hitter in nats history but ross sneaks one through to break it up. a great comeback story he is offering. the nats didn't just lose the no, no, they lost the lead. that tied the game at two. but in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded for the nats willy harris and that's a walk off win for the nationals. 3-2 final. olsen, complete with the elvis wig talked about his brush with inimmortality. >> i would be lying if i told you i wasn't thinking of it. i was thinking of it early. i thought about it in the third and 4thinning. it
especially want to it knowledge general olson and gar for their superb service during these last eight years. been a time of some difficulty for the justice department, they have maintained the highest standards of the office and they have served their client, the united states of america, exceedingly well. of course, they have been joined in doing so by the career lawyers and the other public servants and the solicitor general potts office. these men and women can be called the finest law firm in the country and they represent the gold standard in public service. the solicitor general's office is unusual in our government. it those responsibilities to all three of the branches and our system of separated powers. because of this striking feature of the office, the solicitor general traditionally and rightly has been accorded a large measure of independence. most obviously, the solicitor general reports to the attorney general and through him to the president and defense the break relations, polies and practices of the executive branch when these are challenge. in this role, the solicitor gen
of a -- cruise excursion. live in the newsroom are more information. in the death of caral olson. >> well, the medical examiner is confirming he drowned. olsen had been on the ship with a group from trinity lutheran church. the boat sailed from baltimore. her and her husband, hairy, were both on the snorkel tour with -- booked through the cruise ship. now, others on the boat tried cpr for 90 minutes, but she had not respond. she was a member for 33 years where her pastor said she was a valuable chirk worker. >> thank you, the snorkeling tour was suspended. >> reporter: baltimore are searching for the cause of a stubborn fire on the city's east side. flames and heavy smoked poured of a the home. firefighters needed additional druse keep the fire from spreading. worried neighbors watched while firefighters doused the fire. no one was hurt. >> reporter: times square shut down again today. security remains high as police continue to talk to the man who admits trying to bomb the same area just a few days ago. >> reporter: times square was shut down after reports of a suspicious package. the bo
starting pitching lately, and that did not change last night with olson on the mound. and he gets uggla. he does not give up a run in six innings of work. and nats up 5-1 in the seventh. and then the bases loaded. good shot here, but no fear. morgan is here. he lays out and makes the catch. this saved two, maybe three runs. check out the pitcher, and he says, wow, thank you, sir. nats are now 13-10 on the year. >>> red sox and os up in baltimore. big night for miguel tejada. back up the middle, and adam jones comes around to score from second. tejada, 3 for 4 with three rbis. the game-winning walk-off hit, and the orioles beat the red sox in ten innings, 5-4. >>> the general manager gave an endorsement, so it doesn't look like the team will be blown up, which is a good thing. most of the players will return. right now they are still sour after the early playoff exit. >> i am still in a little disbelief, but we did not get the job done, and no matter what the reason, we are all disappointed and we expected a lot more out of ourselves. >> now we have to take that further. it's the oldest clic
abruptly tonight. 12-12 in their 24 meetings up to now. adam jones with the two-run crank in the 2nd. olson would leave after 3 with shoulder tightness going to the hospital right now. nats down 4-1 in the 7th. willie harris closing that gap. morgan aboard. makes it 4-3. tying run on in the 9th for ryan zimmerman and he flies out harmlessly to center field. riggs, are you worried? >> we played a great ballgame tonight. we just got beat. we played good baseball. i'm in a much better mood tonight with that loss than i am tonight. i'll tell you that. >>> a minority owner of the wizards in 1999 which means he had eleven years to think about what he would do with the team when he acquired the rest of it and today some of those ideas came pouring out. he outlined a variety of his aspirations for the franchise once he takes over in full. including a possible name change away from wizards. and the likelihood that he will switch the team colors to red to match the capitals. and then ted was asked which of his league is in better shape, the nhl or the nba? >> the nhl is stronger than the nba. clearly
to the bahamas. over the weekend carol olson was swept under by the water that witnesses say was just a strong current. carnival spokesmen say it's suspended that excursion. >>> the virginia lacrosse players suspected of killing a member of the woman's lacrosse team, george hughley said he had an altercation with 22-year-old yeardley love of cockeysville and that he shook her and her head repeatedly hit the wall. she was found dead in her room yesterday. >>> 30-year-old faisal shahzad was arrested at jfk airport in new york as he attempted to board a flight to dubai. according to police shahzad made a bomb, the suv found smoking in the middle of times square over the weekend. >>> now the latest on that oil spill along the gulf coast. calmer waters today mean crews can lay boons in the gulf of mexico to try to protect delicate shoreline from the advancing tide of oil. the urgency compounded by the lack of clear solutions to stop the oil from leaking. bp crews plan to use a cap to cover the largest leak and funnel the oil to a ship where it can be separated from the water but with hundreds of th
to it knowledge general olson and garr for their superb service during these last eight years. been a time of some difficulty for the justice department, they have maintained the highest standards of the office and they have served their client, the united states of america, exceedingly well. of course, they have been joined in doing so by the career lawyers and the other public servants and the solicitor general potts office. these men and women can be called the finest law firm in the country and they represent the gold standard in public service. the solicitor general's office is unusual in our government. it those responsibilities to all three of the branches and our system of separated powers. because of this striking feature of the office, the solicitor general traditionally and rightly has been accorded a large measure of independence. most obviously, the solicitor general reports to the attorney general and through him to the president and defense the break relations, policies and practices of the executive branch when these are challenge. in this role, the solicitor general is the princip
-run opposite field shot. 3 for 4 with three rbis. the nats goup up 4-0. former marlin scott olson on the mound gets dan ugla on the check swing. doesn't give up a run in six innings of work. nationals up 5-1 now. bottom of the seventh. tyler clifford facing polino with the bases loaded. smokes one. never fear. morgan is here! check out his catch. saved at least two runs. just phenomenal. now look at clipper. the reaction. wow! thank goodness. nationals win 7-1. they are now 13-10 on the season. >>> red sox and o's in baltimore. big night for miguel tejada. a 4-4 game. he delivers. singles right up the middle. adam jones comes around to score from second. tejada that, is a game winning walk off hit. the orioles beat the red sox 5-4 in ten innings. >>> it was locker cleanout day for the capitals. general manager george mcfee gave bruce boudreau his endorsement saying he is a very good coach and he'll be around for a long time. that's good news. it doesn't look like the team is going to be blown up. most of the players will return. right now, though, there is still a little sour after that early
to be addressed in this story, as well. >> what other issues? >> well, chuck phelps and matt olson did a lot to systemically brainwash me, make me believe this was my fault to cover things and make people believe that it wasn't ernie's baby, to make -- even his wife asked me if i enjoyed it when it happened. >> chuck phelps was the pastor of the church at the time which made you stand before the church and take full responsibility and write a letter to the pastor's wife explaining that you were at fault. >> matt olson made me write a letter to ernie willis' wife asking for forgiveness for betraying her trust. >> are you disappointed -- is there a bigger word than disappointment in what you feel towards the church and how they let you down? >> i'm sad. i'm very sad and i'm heartbroken and i think it's not okay, it's not okay to make victims believe it's their fault. and i think i'm sad because i know they don't think they did anything wrong. they still don't believe that. they still blame me. and i think they'd do to another girl. >> well, tee naintina, thank yo. i know this isn't easy. we ap
against washington starter scott olson. he's emerged as one of the top pitchers. the opposite is true of oriole starter david hernandez who has yet to earn a victory this season. he could be a candidate for a demotion if his struggle continues. and he's facing a washington team with a 12-21 record is better than expected and better than the 0's. the nats have won 12 of 21 games so far. you can see the o's and nats on masn hd. >>> and coaches are into recycling. the sixers have hired doug collins and this is the fourth team he has coached following chicago, detroit and washington. >>> nascar news. brian vickers will miss the rest of the season because of serious health issues. he's suffering from blood clots in his lungs and left leg. treatment includes blood thinners which makes racing dangerous. he is replaced by driver casey mears. >>> big lacrosse weekend ahead and for the maryland women and men, the terps and women's ranking number one and we'll hear about their plans to win a national championship. that's ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. >>> and still to come on wjz eyewitness n
day at >>> our time now is 6:19. >>> ahead in sports nationals pitcher scott olson flirts with a no hitter. it was part of a great pitcher's duel last night. hear in olsen on his amazing performance. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. the nats were so unsure about scott olsen and his surgically repaired shoulder this season they cut him. when nobody picked him up, the nats signed him on the cheap hoping to get something from the 26-year-old and they have gotten way more than something. he had 13 scoreless innings coming in and he was at it again. a no hitter in toe the 8th inning. meanwhile he got the offensive support from pudge rodriguez and adam dunn. each with solo shots to stop the nats with a 2-0 lead. and so the the 8th. drama building. olsen five outs away from the first no no
nick olson -- nick -- nicholson. david beckham. kobe bryant out to defend their nba title. round 2 of the play-offs. and we'll bring you up-to-date on all of the basketball action on eyewitness news at 6:00. >>> coming up, 9:00 a.m. we'll be joined by shanda schilling, who is kurt's wife. >> and she is now a new york times best-selling author. >> thanks, mark. >>> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >>> troubled relationship. the privileged athlete accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, a star lacrosse player from cockeysville is in the spotlight. i'm mike hellgren, wjz investigates a violent incident in his past. and new developments in the murder case. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. what sparked the violent murder of a virginia student from baltimore county. the latest on the search for motive. and measure on the suspect's background. >>> accused of taking a teenager and leaving him. one of the officers is accused in a previous case of misconduct. that's coming up. >>> lone wolf? investigators are trying to determine if the accused c
with several others, i believe investigator olson met with them today. i will tell you, nancy, as a father of four children, since yesterday morning, i cannot stop looking at this case and what i saw, from the photographs of that crime scene. you know, as a father, if that were my child -- and every time i see her face, i think of my own children and i think of what miss yeardley and her sister are feeling tonight as we speak about the tremendous loss. and you know, three weeks down the road, they were expecting to come to watch that child walk across the stage and begin a spectacular life. >> you know what, chief, these two would have separated and probably gone their own ways. i believe he had a job lined up already for him in washington with some real estate firm. she was headed out to do something different. their paths may never have crossed again. >> absolutely. >> chief, i know that your force have worked this case must just be devastated. tell me something, chief. when the police got there, when her body was discovered, was she clothed? >> you know, i don't want to give a graphic d
involved with everything. >> this is her. >> 71-year-old carroll olson did fund raisers and organized fun activities. >> carroll was the person that we always went to when we had something major going on. >> so when sale and her husband harry decided on a cruise to the bahamas, a group of church friends joined them on the carnival pride. but last friday, in the bahamas, something went wrong, while snorkeling on a an excursion. >> what harry told me is that there was pretty significant current, and they got separated. after they got in the water. >> carroll was in trouble. someone gave her cpr. but she died. >> she was very active here. and there was a reason for that. that was that she loved the lord. and, i think,, that's a great comfort. >> her friends now cling to that faith. >> we, of course, believe that we will see her again. and that we believe together again. and that all of this will not matter in the end. but until then, there is a lot of grief and sorrow. >> carroll's hushair lee to return home from what would have been a vacation of a lifetime. alone. without his wife of 40 so
to the ghost of bull pens past. scott olson pitched a gem. adam dunn had that in the first. 6-2 in the 8th and then the wheels came off the wagon. tyler has been lights out and gives that up. run scores and ties the game at six. the next batter, cris carter delivers a double to put the mets up 7-6. ike davis goes all olga in to the dugout. heart breaker and the nats blow the lead and lose 8-6. at camden yards. hernandez on the bump. johnson left field. josh wilson and griffey come around to score. the o's fall 5-1. >>> just as angelina jolie has made it her mission to adopt all the needy and homeless children around the world, the redskins have made it their mission to adopt all the needy running backs in the nfl. westbrook will interview with the skins at the urging of mcnabb. westbrook spent eight seasons in philly and made two pro bowls but plagued by injuries including a serious concussion last year. >>> game five. cavs and celtics and lebron is on the brink of being out of the playoffs. ray allen had one of those nights last night. 25 points and celtics win by 32. he brown 3 of 2 from
olson, ken starr. it's very rare that a solicitor general actually becomes a member of the court. >> good point. pete williams, as always, and again, was pete who first broke the story. thanks to chuck todd. chuck and savannah weekday mornings at 9:00 eastern. joining me now, amy klobuchar, who serves on the democratic committee. welcome. let's talk about the battle that is about to become engaged because even some of the senators who voted for her last time as solicitor general, senators kyl and hatch, said this is different. they have a point here. >> i think you're going to see tough questioning at the judiciary committee, but i'm hopeful this will be a civil hearing. elena kagan does have respect from republicans. this isn't meaning they'll say, i'll support her tomorrow. they're going to want to ask tough questions. in the end, when you look at her background, the fact that five former solicitor generals supported her in her current job, when you look at what she did at harvard, three conservative professors and she stood up for them. her personality in general. the fact she
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